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Let's talk openly and honestly about self-harm.

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I’m Not Scared Anymore


I’m sat writing this blog post on an airbed in a flat in Nijmegen, Netherlands. I’m writing it after the first flight I’ve ever taken by myself. I arrived in Nijmegen after something of an adventure. Yeah, let’s call it that.. 

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Hold On

One of our first tee designs (which we’ve just revisited as a vest) was inspired by the Limp Bizkit track ‘Hold On’. Recently, I’ve found myself thinking about what this really means. 

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112 Hours

For anyone who isn’t as much of a geek as I am, this is a bit in The Lord of the Rings where Frodo, a peaceful, quiet little fellow is questioning and regretting everything that’s happened, leading him away from his idyllic tranquil life on this crazy dangerous adventure to destroy an evil ring for the good of Middle Earth (No, wait, stick with me here, I’m gonna make a good point).

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Ceri’s Story

Ever since I can remember, from quite a young age, I’ve always suffered with mood swings. It’s something that seemed to get worse as I got older. I’ve always had a bad tendency to shut myself off away from reality when going through the bad patches.

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You’re worth more than you know

As I got off the train in Caerphilly this morning, I noticed someone had scrawled: “kill yourself” on the floor by the tracks. I’m sure everyone reading this would agree, that’s pretty disgusting. It appalled me, and it upset me, if we’re being honest. I wanted to write over it. At first with an angry message to whoever wrote it, informing them in no uncertain terms how irresponsible, insensitive and downright stupid it was for them to write such garbage, and the effect it could have on whoever reads it.

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Si chats with the lead singer of Decade, Alex Sears, at Cardiff University Students’ Union to see how he keeps his head above the waves.

Advice for friends and family

If someone confides in you that they’ve been struggling with self-harm, it’s important to know how to handle it. These are some ideas that we’ve gathered from talking to people, that might help you.

All of the advice below has come from people who self-harm, but it’s important to remember that everyone is different, and this won’t apply to everyone. But it’s a good starting point! Often times, just actually being there for someone makes the world of difference.

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Ways to beat self-harm

If you’re looking to overcome self-harm, here’s some of the tips we’ve picked up from other people’s experiences. They might be of help to you, they might not. Find what works for you. And if it’s not on this list, LET US KNOW!

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There to Talk

Here’s a list of people you can contact if you want to talk about what you’re going through.

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Real Friends - ‘Loose Ends’ Acoustic Session + Interview

We caught up with Real Friends at their recent sold out show in Cardiff to chat about their new album, how they deal with bad days, and get an acoustic performance of their new single ‘Loose Ends’.